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Three Japanese is Changing to 63 Degree, Soon.

Something good is about to happen…

Hi, thanks for clicking on this story page.

You might already notice that we are a bunch of new guys operating this business since Dec 2018 and you might also know that we are about to change our trading name.

Our goal is simple: Delivering THE BEST, both modern and traditional Japanese Flavour, to Hobart.

This business had a lot of potentials, it just needs a slight push, so, here we are.

It has been such a great time serving the communities in Battery Point. People here are warm and kind. They appreciate every dish presented from us and it means a lot for us. Those compliments are the greatest motivation for us to keep improving. (We almost bursted into tear after reading the reviews.)

It might be or might not be news for you:

We are changing our trading name to “63 Degree Espresso & Bar

63 Degree, very precise, the perfect temperature for cooking fresh ingredients, just like our attitude towards our most fresh free range eggs and the organic poultry. Food will remain its succulent texture at its comfort zone while being evenly cooked through.

Espresso & Bar, stands for Coffee and Wine. The best two things in the world.

A cup of latte, along with dishes fused in some Asian hints to start your day, that makes our brand new Brunch menu.

A bottle of chilled Asashi Beer, served with charcoal grilled pork belly, that makes our classical Japanese BBQ 焼き鳥.

We want to make sure you can still find something you like in Three Japanese while offering a wider range of choices to start your morning with at Battery Point.

With the same taste, same chef, same standard for the quality of food...

A brand new dinning environment awaits.

We love sunshine and outdoor as much as you do so keep an eye on our posts at our new Fcebook account (@63degree) for latest updates about the upcoming rennovation.

And finally...


See you in 63 ° soon.

Best Regards

63 Degree E&B

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